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Unwanted Line Break in W3Label Caption

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Unwanted Line Break in W3Label Caption in FireFox and Opera ?

W3Label Captions get linebreaks if spaces are present in the caption, in few browsers (Opera 12.17 and FireFox 32.0.3)

but I don't see any reason for this behaviour. IExplorer and Chrome do not break the line at spaces in W3Label captions.

I don't want to force the users to avoid FireFox, it is quite popular.


Pictures and sample application are attached.


Couldn't find a workaround to display a line of words in a W3Label properly.... hmmm.





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The issue is, that in the SmartCL.Controls.Label.pas unit, the style property names are used the wrong way. I already send a bug report.

In that file, the style property names are used in lower case as used in a css file, but the name must be in camel case.




As workaround, you can change the property names in that file and save it.


  w3_setStyle(FContainer.Handle, 'text-overflow', 'ellipsis'); //use textOverflow
  w3_setStyle(FContainer.Handle, '-o-text-overflow', 'ellipsis');
  w3_setStyle(FContainer.Handle, 'white-space', 'nowrap'); //use whiteSpace
  w3_setStyle(FContainer.Handle, 'overflow', 'hidden');


I hope in the next hotfix, they have fixed that issue.

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