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Something is broken in latest hotfix

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I'm working on a rather large project but had to revert back from hotfix 2 (2.1.2) to hotfix 1 (2.1.1).


Is there a change in the workings of Variants or maybe major changes in the inet section ?

Yes, there have been some changes on the SmartCL.Inet unit, but - as far as I know - none in a way of a critical change, but by adding more features.


We will have a look at this in detail very soon. Until then you might want to revert that unit to the old unit (I'll sent it to you directly) or, in case only a basic functionality is needed, you can switch to the pure API translation in W3C.XMLHttpRequest, which will be only the bare minimum, but since it is bound only to the W3C specifications, it won't be changed often.

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Thanks for your quick response.

Compiling this particular project source with hotfix 1 gives zero errors. Compilation with hotfix 2 same, no errors or warnings.

However deployment is very different. The hotfix 1 result is fine, the hotfix 2 result suddenly misses first rows of database selects, some clicks don't fire at all and as such the product is not usable.

The relationship with the INET lib is just a hunch at this moment (missing database records stored in variants).

Not sure if/how I can be of help to resolve this issue

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I have done some tests as what the differences are between hotfix1 and hotfix 2


A trace of the main error is shown here



after that all kinds of errors occur



The area where this occurs (hotfix 2 only) is on clicking a menu button on the header area of the application screen. The structure of this is similar to the header structure in the zensky demo


Does this help ?

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