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How to pick a file on the local filesystem

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already posted on forums, but since I have got zero replys, trying in support (I'm a regular customer so I expect some form of support).

Unit SmartCL.Controls.EditBox does not have a definition for the 'file' type in TW3InputType (SMS
Is there another way to obtain the same result, or is this by design?

I have tryed to patch the unit :

  TW3InputType = (itNone, itColor, itDate, itDateTime, itDateTimeLocal, itEmail,
    itMonth, itNumber, itRange, itSearch, itTel, itTime, itUrl, itWeek,
    itPassword, itFile);

function TW3EditBox.getType: TW3InputType;
  mText: String;
  mText := LowerCase(w3_getAttribAsStr(Handle, 'type'));
  if mText = '' then Result := itNone else
  if mText = 'color' then Result := itColor else
  if mText = 'date' then Result := itDate else
  if mText = 'datetime' then Result := itDateTime else
  if mText = 'datetime-local' then Result := itDateTimeLocal else
  if mText = 'email' then Result := itEmail else
  if mText = 'month' then Result := itMonth else
  if mText = 'number' then Result := itNumber else
  if mText = 'range' then Result := itRange else
  if mText = 'search' then Result := itSearch else
  if mText = 'tel' then Result := itTel else
  if mText = 'time' then Result := itTime else
  if mText = 'url' then Result := itUrl else
  if mText = 'week' then Result := itWeek else
  if mText = 'password' then Result := itPassword else
  if mText = 'file' then Result := itFile;

procedure TW3EditBox.setType(const aValue: TW3InputType);
  mToWrite: String;
  if (Handle) then
    case aValue of
      itNone:           mToWrite := '';
      itColor:          mToWrite := 'color';
      itDate:           mToWrite := 'date';
      itDateTime:       mToWrite := 'datetime';
      itDateTimeLocal:  mToWrite := 'datetime-local';
      itEmail:          mToWrite := 'email';
      itMonth:          mToWrite := 'month';
      itNumber:         mToWrite := 'number';
      itRange:          mToWrite := 'range';
      itSearch:         mToWrite := 'search';
      itTel:            mToWrite := 'tel';
      itTime:           mToWrite := 'time';
      itUrl:            mToWrite := 'url';
      itWeek:           mToWrite := 'week';
      itPassword:       mToWrite := 'password';
      itFile:           mToWrite := 'file';
    w3_setAttrib(Handle, 'type', mToWrite);
  end else
    raise EW3Exception.CreateFmt(CNT_ERR_METHOD,
      [{$I %FUNCTION%}, ClassName, 'Invalid handle error']);

if I open the project in Firefox there is a 'browse' button but the Text property of the EditBox contains only the filename without the path.

Any suggestion?


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I'll look into this.


The FileAPI itself (http://www.w3.org/TR/FileAPI/) should be included in the latest update. 

Take a look at W3C.File.pas under RTL\APis\W3C...


See also some info about this here:






The input type seems to be missing in the RTL, but can be patched as you describe.

I know that there's limited support for this is input type on mobile browsers, but I'm not sure about the state on desktop browsers.  Will try to find out...

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