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GoToForm to same form

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GoToForm('Form-X') transfers control to 'Form-X' but only if the name of the current form is different from 'Form-X'.


This is a problem when the same form needs to be accessed more than once.

An example would be a header with a button linking to a search form, where users may want to execute their searches more than once.


A very inelegant solution is to duplicate 'Form-X' into 'Form-Y', query the name of the current form and transfer accordingly.

Something like 'if application.currentform.name = 'Form-X' then gotoForm('Form-Y') ...


Any better solutions ?


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Hi warleyalex


Sorry, obviously my question is not very well articulated.


I have an application with a header bar and some forms underneath :


procedure TApplication.ApplicationStarting;


   mForm: TW3CustomForm;




  mForm := TForm3.Create(display.view);

  mForm.name := 'Form3';                  // Form3

  RegisterFormInstance(mForm, False);


The headerpanel contains a number of menu labels, something like :



  FMenu01.Caption := 'Search';

  FMenu01.OnClick :=

    procedure (Sender: TObject)


          Application.GotoForm('Form3', TFormEntryEffect.feToLeft);



So if a user taps the 'Search' label, control is transferred to 'Form3'.

However if the user taps this label a second time, without using another form first, nothing happens. 

This is sort of logical, the GotoForm proc checks if the destination form is different from the current form and if not it does nothing.

However in this case Form3  is a search-form, and users may well want to do multiple searches consecutively.


I needed a quick solution so I copied Form3 to Form3B, identical copies, and changed the OnClick handler to


         If Application.CurrentForm.Name = 'Form3'

           then Application.GotoForm('Form3B', TFormEntryEffect.feToLeft)

           else Application.GotoForm('Form3', TFormEntryEffect.feToLeft);


That works, but obviously having identical forms is not the way to go, so I was asking for opinions on how to do this better. 
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