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Issue with 'Application.Showmodal ?'

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I  have an issue with showmodal/hidemodal.

When I click on the button of my modal form that should hide the form, the OpaqueMask disappears but not my form.

I uninstalled sms, reinstalled then tested the demo 'Modal Dialog.sproj' -> same issue.

On firefox(standart/dev) chrome and ie11.

sms version


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Here is a quick fix for this problem.


Edit file "c:\ProgramData\Optimale Systemer AS\Smart Mobile Studio\RTL\SmartCL\SmartCL.Components.pas".


FInd the method TW3Component.UnRegisterChild.


Replace the call to aChild.RemoveFrom (last non-'end' line in the method) with:


    if (aChild.Owner) then
We'll fix it in a prettier way in the next release but this should work as a quick fix and should not produce and side effects.

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