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Can not test the beta

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Last sunday (yes6 days ago) i e-mailed support@smartmobilestudio.com the following:



"The 2.2 beta will not accept my licence key. When i request a recept from Gumroad it says the licence key will be emailed shortly. That does not happen.


Receipt attached


Please help,




I attached my receipt wish i will not do here. IMHO this is a bit lame and it looks engagement around the product is failing.

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Ah.  You sent the e-mail to bugreport@smartmobilestudio.com.

Those end up in FogBugz among EurekaLog reports.  We don't monitor this the same way we monitor support@smartmobilestudio.com.


We have a web-service that automatically sends e-mails whenever a transaction (purchase or renewal) is completed.

I don't think the Gumroad webhook executes this service when a manual request for a receipt is carried out.


We have had a couple of incidents where the ISP has marked the e-mail as spam (one of them is located Sweden), so this might be one explanation.

If this is the case, I haven't received any notification from that ISP.


I'll resend the information you need to get SmartMS up and running.

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