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Some more simple components

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A couple of more links for people interested in some bare-bones but functional SMS components :


1) www.lynkfs.com/components/Carousel/Carousel.pas

An image carousel with choice of effects

Example of use in ..../Carousel/Carousel.sproj

Preview : ..../Carousel/www/index.html 


2) www.lynkfs.com/components/PageControl/PageControl.pas

A tabbed page component.

Example of use in ..../PageControl/PageControl.sproj

Preview : ..../PageControl/www/index.html 


3) www.lynkfs.com/components/PopUpMenu/PopUpMenu.pas

A simple pop-up menu

Example of use of this component in ..../PopUpMenu/PopUpMenu.sproj

Preview : ..../PopUpMenu/www/index.html


4) www.lynkfs.com/components/TreeView/TreeView.pas

A treeview

Example of use in ..../TreeView/TreeView.sproj

Preview : ..../TreeView/www/index.html


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One way would be something like this :

procedure TPopUpMenu.InitializeObject;
  Handle.ReadyExecute( procedure ()
          document.addEventListener("click", function() {
            alert('clicked '+ event.clientX + ' ' + event.clientY);
or better in smart pascal :

procedure TPopUpMenu.InitializeObject;
  Handle.ReadyExecute( lambda
      browserapi.document.addEventListener("click", lambda showmessage(browserapi.event.clientX) end);

and check if the click position (clientX, clientY) falls within the component visuals

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