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New October Exampes do not open correctly in

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I wonder if nobody else experiences problems in opening the October 2015 examples in SMS:

Featured Demos\API\HTML5 DOM\Sunrise Calculator\

Featured Demos\API\HTML5 DOM\Geolocation\



The project Manager takes the name "geolocation", but eventually remains empty.


See attachment.




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These examples just do not have any units only a project source! 


Also, the examples do not run in the internal browser as it uses geolocation. In order to use this from the internal browser you must obtain and API key from Google (geolocation provider) and place it in the registry.


I don't remember the necessary steps, but the latest beta should support this already.


Alternatively, Optimale Systemer AS could buy (and embedd) a product API key, but that would be quite expensive compared to the gain, especially when the user could use any major external browser for this.

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