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Help with something useful please

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I purchased another licensed copy of SMS and have yet been able to do anything with the current release.  The IDE is full of bugs. In the forum, you keep telling me to go to BETA releases. I dont see them. Where are they.  Any link I uses, says page is not found.


e.g. http://smartmobilestudio.com/download/SmartUpdate.exe




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I also need SmartUpdate to update to latest version but link on site isn't working and I haven't manged to find any on net. Can please someone from the SMS team update link or alternatively post exe here.






If you have a dropbox account , you can get it here



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The links should be OK now.


There's also a generic fallback on http://smartmobilestudio.com/download/for broken links.



We had some issues with Google/Chrome.

They identified the exe-files as malware, and put up a very nasty warning.


We have tried to sign the files with EV-certificates, and we have added SSL to the download area.  Still - Google wasn't happy :-(

So, we needed to remove the files from the web site area, and move them to an external download area.


The files are now located in Amazon S3.


Sorry for the inconvenience you have had during this!

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