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Saved project corrupted upon reopen?

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I am very new to SMS and I find it's potential very appealing, and even better that I can develop something modern in Pascal.


However my first impressions of it has not been very positive because of several reasons, I will address the first reason here.


When I save a project it saves just fine, but when I re-open the project I get the following error:

Unknown name: TApplication

and the unit called "Unit1.pas" does not seem to be saved witth the project.


"Unit1.pas" is not available in the Project Manager tree on the left side of the screen upon re-open.


Why is this happening?


I am using version on Windows 10.

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I use SMS version on Windows 10. and Although it has quirks it works. :)


Try this by doing it in steps :


From the main menu 
1. File ->> Create a new project  >>> Visual component project
2. Click the save Icon
3. Make a new folder, name it Test1
4,Open the folder
5. Save the project file to the folder. Name it Test1
6. Ensure the save icon is grayed out in the menu
7. Add a few components (i.e. buttons)
8. Click the save icon.
9. Ensure the save icon is grayed out in the menu
9. Run the project ( so you can see it running)
7. Close the project.
8. Then go to File Open Project and open the project file.
It should open all OK  if not let us know where it fails and any error messages you may get
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