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SMS 2.2 beta 5

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A couple of warnings and errors after install :


- Package compilation failed. Hint: overloaded method "ReadBuffer" should be marked with the "overload" directive [line:110, column : 5, file: System.streams]


- Systems.Type.Convert.pas has the keyword "public" twice in TDataType which gives a warning on startup


- all JSON.parse() statements get flagged as error : Unknown name "JSON"

  Update : this error is fixed when including the ECMA.JSON unit



UPDATE : all warnings have miraculously disappeared after fixing the above

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> It seems SmartMobileStudio 2.2.04361 (beta 5) is using some feature that are not compatible with Windows XP SP3.


That seems to be the case, it works on virtual computer with Win7. Problem for me is that my main development machine is XP and I cannot change that. 

I'm certain there is an easy solution since update 4 works fine, so it would be really appreciated if someone from SMS team could fix this.


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> DWScript is not supporting Windows XP anymore and since we use DWScript ...


XP will be active at least few more years so I think it would be good to have it fixed. I'm guessing problem is in using some API function that are not available in XP, that's usually easily solvable with wrapper functions that uses XP equivalent of problematic API call. 

Anyway, it would be great if you could contact Eric Grange and ask him to fix it.

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