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"Your Snipplets"


When you select one, in order to view it, you need to double click it to add to your code, or click the edit button.


Can a memo be displayed below the list? (maybe make the snipplet list scrollable).


When you select a snipplet, it automatically displays it in the memo? (memo would have both horz and vert scrollbars)



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Currently the snippet manager only supports incremental search. This means you type into the list and it will focus the matching item.


I've also just implemented a basic preview for the snippet, which should be available in the next release. Other items - as suggested - could/should be implemented as well. So far, I've only added items in the bug tracker for this.


Personally, I'm not using snippets much (if at all), but I'm sure that a workflow with a well organized snippet library can be very helpful.

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I also would like to see a copy to clipboard functionality so I can paste it into my code, versus inserting it at the top of the code


It should not copy tp the top of the code but to the cursor position. Also copy to clipboard has been implemented and it is available on the tool bar. It should also be possible to assign a keyboard shortcut for this action.

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