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Reading JSON data

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What is the way of reading that kind of JSON data. I tried some ways which I found at the forum but I could not. 


{This is Embarcadero example of Json}

uses System.json;
   Obj, ObjCons, ObjIpp: TJSONObject;
   Obj := TJSONObject.Create;
  ObjIpp := TJSONObject.Create;
  ObjIpp.AddPair('ipp', TJSONNumber.Create(1122368));
  ObjCons := TJSONObject.Create;
  ObjCons.AddPair('decision', 'NA');
  ObjCons.AddPair('idPatient', ObjIpp);
  ObjCons.AddPair('idStructure', TJSONNumber.Create(300000000023887));
  Obj.AddPair('consentement', ObjCons);




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JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, which means that every JavaScript object can already written in this notation directly. By using the ECMA API unit ECMA.Json you can simply "stringify" every object.


Here's a brief example:


// specify the object
  Obj := class
    consentement = class
      decision: String = 'NA';
      idPatient = class
        ipp: Integer = 1122368;
      idStructure: Integer = 300000000023887;

// convert the object to a string

This might not look like the Pascal you are used to, but its a good compromise between Object Pascal and JavaScript.


If you prefer you could also write types for the classes, instantiate and fill the objects. While that would look more like the Pascal you might know, it's a bit bloated and only useful if you are using the classes anyway for the business logic.

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JS and SMS have a built in way of handling JSON, it's auto transfered to object (some variant variable) when you call JSON.parse function;


Take a look at LocalStorage demo within SMS installation ("SMS INstallation Dir\Projects\A Smart Book Demos\LocalStorage\LocalStorage.sproj"). Look for GetData and SetData methods; 



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