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Several problems I encounter (probably bugs)

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I have encountered some strange things, I am not sure these are bugs or not.


1-) I use Application.GotoForm(FrmXXXX, fefromright) to navigate another forms and it works fine but if I use fenone parameter, SMS navigates me to a different form !!!


2-) I have created my own tw3panel class (tw3mypanel) and has 4 tw3mybutton class which has own Tw3label. For example there are 2 tmyw3panel object on form1 and when I navigate back to form1 from form2 tw3labels on tw3mypanel disappear and buttons on tw3mypanel move to different locations from I set on create event !!!


There are total 5 forms in my project (Include Main form).


I use beta5

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