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Is there a RoundTo digits function in the RTL?

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the built-in javascript functions are located at Espruino.System unit, 


It would really handy if we had a kinda global Utils.pas, just to reference.


{ rounds a floating-point value to a specified digit }
function RoundTo(x: float; digits: integer) : float;
asm @Result=parseFloat((@x).toFixed(@digits)) end;

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the built-in javascript functions are located at Espruino.System unit,

Isn't that just for Epruiono boards? Are all of those functions available in classical browsers?


Yes, the units Espruino.* are solely for the Espruino board (software). It features a slightly limited subset of JavaScript and describes the API to access the hardware. Ideally, it should not contain other code.


General code like the one that can be found in warleyalex post should go to System.* units or be covered by the underlying DWScript API.


Unfortunately, it is not (yet) part of this, which means it must be added in the future. Until then, one can use what has been written above.

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