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My first app written in Smart Mobile Studio

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I have finally released my first app, which was written entirely in Smart Mobile Studio!


The app is a contract work for the famous german kid's music artist 'herrH' and thus only available in german language. However, given the fact that it is developed for kids you should be able to get an idea what is possible with HTML5 and JavaScript (and with Smart Mobile Studio) nowadays.


Get the app here:


iOS: http://apple.co/1XPPcQW

Android: https://bit.ly/1q3XLNB

(more platforms follow soon)




For more inside information stay tuned for a small making of article.


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It's really quite neat. I've looked at the screenshots, I can see jellyfishes flying. You create the animations by hand or used a texture sprite software? I'm just curious how you animate all the jellyfish on the screen, is this a sprite sequences? or are you animating slices?

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(Nearly) all graphics have been done by two graphic artists. One (with his team) is responsible for the music videos and the other is responsible for print. As you can see if you look closely their style isn't identical which makes it a bit difficult to create a unique experience. Another problem was the fact that the music video artists had stored most graphics in a 720p pixel format and not as vectors. Thus, I had to do a time consuming re-vectorizing of the animation frames.


Based on the vector graphics (loaded as SVG images), device dependent images (HTML5 offscreen canvases) has been created. The according frame was then drawn according to the time passed.


As promised several internals will be explained in the "making of". I'm about half done with the article right now.

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