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Next question.  I am new to this web technology so this is likely not a true SMS question but maybe.  I have created a TW3WebSocket.  I have a web server started on my Mac with "sudo apachectl start"  I now have a Lazarus program running that is a TCP server on the Mac.   SMS is running in a VMWare machine on XP.  I run my SMS script and press a button that does this:


procedure TFormMain.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

  FSocket.Connect('ws://', []);
I am sure there is something I should be passing in the sub-protocol parameter but this runs.
My Lazarus app connects to the TCP request but I never get this call:
procedure TFormMain.SocketOpen(Sender: TW3WebSocket);
  Application.ShowDialog('Opened', 'Socket is Opened', aoCancel);
So it appears that the TCP link was made but the WebSocket did not connect really connect yet.   When I execute this:
procedure TFormMain.W3Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  if FSocket.Connected then
Connected returns "True" but the Disconnect call throws an error saying the WebSocket was not really connected so it can't really disconnect it.
We have a TCP protocol defined that I want to run over the WebSocket.  It is currently GridConnect String based so it should be possible (I understand that you can run binary over WebSockets now too).  I am assuming that I need to pack my protocol into a protocol that WebSockets support. 
Is there something built into SMS that gets me the first level of protocol (if that is my problem) or is there a good beginner tutorial that can help me understand what I am missing in my approach?

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