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Exceptions, Pascal vs JS

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Maybe i asked this before, sorry in that case.


When i use the keyword 


the compiler will only accept an "Exception object". It seems this object is magically defined by the compiler (?).


My problem is that such an exception object is too "Pascalish". The JS VM (or whoever) can not show me anything useful, just "Object".


If you run code like "CL", well it's fine because loops are simulated and there's somewhere to catch the exceptions. But if you want to write "pure" JS stuff, this is not possible.


Is there any way to raise for example a string (without using an asm section)?





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This is a workaround, but i'm not sure it works in all browsers/platforms.


procedure TCustomApplication.HandleUncaughtExceptions(evt: JEvent);
  lErrEvt := JErrorEvent(evt);
  var lPascalMessage: String;
  if (TVariant.AsObject(lErrEvt.error) is Exception) then
    lPascalMessage := Exception(TVariant.AsObject(lErrEvt.error)).message;

    Format('%s %s %s %s: %s',
           [lErrEvt.message, lErrEvt.filename, lErrEvt.lineno, lErrEvt.colno,

  evt.preventDefault; // Supresses console output, optional.
Depending on what i put into DisplayError i can alert the user or send it MadExcept / Eurekalog - ish.





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Oh, and so that y'all can avoid some pitfall; using that method of adding the event should only be done once. If done twice you'll end up processing it twice - a potential problem. If you have the need to remove the event you can define a delegate (i hope my nomenclature is correct) to make it work:

var errEvt: TEventListener;
errEvt := HandleUncaughtExceptions;


Window.addEventListener('error', @errEvt);


Window.removeEventListener('error', @errEvt);




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