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Description of Compiler Options

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I have been comparing output and fiddling with the options. This is difficult partly because somestuff only surfaces in certain projects and i have the feeling that the changes to the options does not click all times or they are interdependent (one does not give effect without the other).


So; is there a thorough description of the options somewhere? Preferrably with examples and the rationale behind it's existance. That would be top-knotch IMHO.





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Something on all of the IDE options would be wonderful. It would also be wonderful to have documentation on what code is supported in SMS as well. 

I had lots of hopes on the SMART BOOK, but it seems the author abandoned it a long time ago when he came on board SMS.


I dont have the time, but it would be nice to see a community run Wiki for all the documentation for SMS

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This is very informative, but problem is that in time, one will forget about it and it will be hard to find this link.

Can I suggest to transfer that article to internal help system (if there are plans of building one) or to add some menu option that would list available online articles.

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