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NWjs (previously known as “node-webkit)

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I have been using NWjs (link http://nwjs.io/)for a while now and it is brilliant. I can take a my HTML5 project created in Construct 2 and run it as part of our educational suite which is predominately written in Delphi.


So one of the first things I did was to take a simple test app from SMS and start it with NWjs, which did absolutely nothing. 


I am easily bewildered by new technology and software so maybe I am missing something obvious but has anyone used NWjs successfully and if so what do I need to change.


I have tried opening NW.exe with a folder containing the index.html I have also tried opening with my app packaged in a zip file.


No go.


I would appreciate any help or suggestions as using NWjs would open up a number of possibilities for me.

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I seem to be answering my own questions, but maybe it will help someone else.


I have no discovered that NWjs downloaded from the official site does not display everything correctly, i.e., so far labels seem to be missing.


However, the NW.exe that was made for Construct 2 works perfectly 32 and 64 bit.


I am so glad that this is now working for as I can use it for some cool stuff in our software.



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