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Keyword confusion?

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In a project (without any/ *CL headers, this compiles:


but (naturally) the browser will throw an exception as the external declaration for ShowMessage is in SmartCL.System.pas.


I'm just notifying because it feels like this may be a symptom of something worse.





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This is known. The procedure ShowMessage is implemented in the RTL of DWScript but not in the mini RTL of the JS CodeGen. So in order to use it you must have a line that reads:

procedure ShowMessage(aText: String); external 'alert';

This said, it will only work for JS implementations that has the 'alert' function implemented. For the NodeJS, Espruino or PhantomJS target this is likely not the case (or at least different to what you would expect). For these you might want to write your own custom code, which is why this is not hard coded in the DWScript JS CodeGen's mini RTL.

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Yes, it's closed source but you can still find it in the DWScript repository before this commit: 




It hasn't changed that much in the meantime. The file you might want to look at is: Libraries\JSCodeGen\dwsJSRTL.pas or the Libraries\JSCodeGen\rtl subdirectory. It contains the intrinsics and some OOP related code.

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