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Custom library path

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Is it possible to add files from a different location?


i.e., in delphi in dpr we do things  like



frontend in 'c:\myfiles\frontend.pas'


is there similar in SMS.


Alternatively can we add custom library paths?




If we were to have a team of people coding using a set of common units how could this be achieved using SMS?


Seems at the moment each coder would have to have a copy of the custom files in the library folder, is that correct?

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...in the current project folder, create a folder named "resources", then move some files into this DIR. f.i let's move Smart.Core.pas to resources\Smart.Core.pas




a hackish solution I think will work for you, just edit your project  YOURPROJECT.sproj with an external text editor, ensure SmartMS.exe is not running. You have to edit manually the path in the FILE section.

      <File type="unit">

Just restart SmartMS now.

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