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From their Facebook page:


Smart Mobile Studio

Summer is nearing its end, and we are gearing up for some work again! Thanks to everyone that has contacted us about the new team - we will get in touch shortly! In the meantime, start getting fuzzy feelings about the monumental RTS update :)




Also, see Jon's blog

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Please read this thread in it's entirety!


warleyalex commented on my initial post regarding "inactivity"
He stated - "Perhaps it is time to make some option such as Open Source Lite IDE version. This will give us plenty of benefits."
It was only a suggestion to the Smart Mobile Studio team
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It seems there're some spammers around the forum ultimately, I think they are attempting to get higher rankings in search engines by creating lots of links here in the forum,


BTW, why have this guys stopped using the forum. They seemed very hyped about this forum a few months ago.


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Not sure about the others, but it looks like Jon Lennart Aasenden has a full plate now

Lots going on since his road map he layed out
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OK, here is an update






I am still not sure why he doesn't post it on the news of SMS website - since that is where the paying customers go. I have brought thhis up to him in the past, but the updates are still done on his personal blog.  Kinda weird if you ask me

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