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layering mechanism for nested layouts

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I would love to see some kind of improvement for nesting layouts. 


i.e. layouts that have controls in them and layouts with controls in them




Layer 1


Header layout , Main Body layout , Footer layout


Layer 2 - Header layout

  Image,  Label, buttons


Layer 2 - Content layout

 Labels, Edits, buttons


Layer 2 - Footer layout

 Image,  navigation links (labels)


To implement this requires a lot of code

Maybe add Layers?




Maybe allow a Layout to include another Layout as well as controls


e.g. Laying out the three layers above



 fLayout:= Layout.Client(


as of now, you have to write too much code, to create all the layouts


and then in the resize, you only have to make one call as well

if assigned(FLayout) then

instead of

  if Assigned(fLayer1Layout) then
   //resize layer 1
   //resize layer 2 header panel
   if Assigned(fLayer2HeaderLayout) then
   //resize layer 2 footer panel
   if Assigned(fLayer2FooterLayout) then
   //resize layer 2 main panel
   if Assigned(fLayer2MainLayout) then







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SMS isn't dead, look at their Facebook page

Well, at least that is what they are claiming

Not sure why they don't update the actual SMS Web news page though, it is where their paying customers visit



As for the forums, yes, they no longer check in here 


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