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Thank you to iElite for his help

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My account was out of order in the database, so I have been unable to respond or do much on the forum for a while.

Im not going to bore people with the details.


Either way, I contacted iElite, a member of this forum, asking for his aid.

He kindly accepted and has done a great job while our webmaster sorted out the mess.


So I want to personally thank iElite for his help.

Thank you so much, it really means a lot! I am humbled when I see how many people are pitching in, and iElite has been with us since the beginning.


I also want to apologize deeply for the neglect since this summer.

We have had to completely re-structure the company and establish a new team.

This is not an excuse, but it may serve as an explanation to why things have been quiet.

We are learning from our mistakes.


But thank you iElite for keeping an eye on things and for your support.

It will not be forgotten.




Jon Lennart Aasenden

A.K.A - Cipher Diaz of Quartex (my old hacker group on the Amiga computer he he)

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