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Icons and SplashScreen Images using PhoneGap

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I was looking to see how to add an icon to my mobile device application when building with PhoneGap and originally found this doc


Icons and Splash Screens


BTW, if you don't already know, you can have SMS generate a template config.xml file for you


Project Options\ Linker \ 


Check  - "Generate Cordova config.xml"



and..............after trying some default icon declarations in my config.xml file, 


I found this very handy tool for generating all the correct size images you can declare in the config.xml file



PhoneGap Image Generator



I am sure there are others. Anyway, find or create a very nice high res image to start with and it will create all the various aize files for you


Hope this helps

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I've been trying myself to build Android from one project and for now I don't have the prorblem with PhoneGap but with SMS, I cannot make it generate config.xml, everything is checked fine but it doesn't make it. I've downloaded your sample but with same effect so it's not something related to project but to the SMS itself. 

Is there anything else that needs to be installed or configured inside SMS for it to generate proper config.xml (I can of course do it myself but I would like to understand what is the problem)?

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