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In the past I've produced some commercial websites using SMS and the full rtl


But just now published the first multi-page fully responsive SMS generated website using the ribbon philosophy (see previous post)


For demo see partial copy here (anonymised, home page and first product page only)


The funny thing is that looking at the code, it's all very parametrised

Typical ribbon-code looks like

  var rev01  := TElement.Create('div', rev00, 'div',  props['review-title']);
      rev01.setProperty('color', '#8c7500');
      rev01.setProperty('font', 'italic 43px "Old Standard TT", sans-serif');
      rev01.setProperty('margin-bottom', '35px');
      rev01.setProperty('text-align', 'center');

with invocation code like

  props['review-title'] := 'Reviews';
  TReview.Create(nil, props);

and no other logic.

All of these parameters could easily be stored in a (cloud based) sql database

The database design would be very simple indeed : a table for the elements (type, parent, class, content and position) and a linked table for attributes and properties


To display an informational webpage, only the simplest of smart programs would be needed : read database, create elements, set attributes

without even the need for local unit code like the above snippet - the data has become the logic

and of course no pascal layout coding necessary, this has been farmed out to the browser



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