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I am still having a hard time with a Listbox and distinguishing between "touch" to select and item in a listbox on a desktop/laptop browser.....and "touch" to begin scrolling (e.g. on a phone/tablet)


Using a basic example listbox with 100 items


procedure TForm1.Resize;
var i: integer;
  for i:= 1 to 100 do
   W3ListBox1.Add('Item ' + inttostr(i));

When a user is using the desktop/laptop browser, I need them to be able to use both mouse and touch (case their monitor is touch) to "scroll" and "select" item.....else if using their phone or tablet, need them to be able to use "touch" to scroll and "tap" to select item



I assume we dont want to use the standard OnSelected event ?


 W3ListBox1..OnSelected := HandleLBItemSelected;


and probably want to use the OnTouchBegin & OnTouchEnd, as well as the OnMouseDown & OnMouseUp  events??????  


If So, how?


And how do you then handle the scrolling?
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