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Fishfacts for SMS

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Thanks for donating this


I took the liberty to database it

a good testing ground


I find I'm using bare bones html elements more and more

instead of using the visual components from the rtl


for straightforward ux-designs, coding using these elements can be pretty simple




demo   http://www.lynkfs.com/Experiments/TDBx/TDBx7/www/

source http://www.lynkfs.com/Experiments/TDBx/TDBx7/DBx7.sproj

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I remember, years ago I've created 2 demo videos that was inspired by the old demo FishFacts for Delphi32 just for fun: FishFacts with Delphi mORMot and Webservice with ExtJS using Datasnap+Architect ...a long time no videos posts, are terrible videos, anyway...
I could have submited another video using Smart Mobile Studio, and show everybody how to create step-by-step this trivial demo but the problem: I speak up until when I sleep. 
"design a simple screen like this one with the current designer was so painful". This may sound mean, hateful comment but truly isn't and is supposed to help in the topic -this is a constructive criticism. Please, try to create this screen with the visual designer. Smart team seems to be running too many races at once which I believe I bad idea for a small company. I think they should focus on a single target with a decent UI.
Recently, I've made some constructive criticism about the new RTL, but I thing I said it in harsh way. It seems that my hurtful words directly about my 5-min RTL overview let someone down, was in tears for hours and he got furious, write a blog about it and now I'm not very welcomed anymore. No more blog-email notifications about the sms news.  I suspect my account or the sms license will be suspended or restrict.
Then I realized: I was only hurting myself. I chose happiness instead.

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