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TW3CheckBox appearing double

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Hi, when using TW3Checkbox the actual box itself seems to render twice, am i doing something wrong?

This is the code i'm using to generate the boxes:

  EnglishCheckBox := TW3CheckBox.Create(fPanel);
  EnglishCheckBox.Caption := 'English Assessment';
  EnglishCheckBox.Checked := false;

  MathCheckBox := TW3CHeckBox.Create(fPanel);
  MathCheckBox.Caption := 'Math Assessment';
  MathCheckBox.Checked := false;


Which results in this:



Note: "Perc" is a simple function that returns an integer.

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I'm a bit confused


There is an issue with TW3CheckBox




which prevents rendering any checkmarks until the '-webkit-appearance: none' line from the css is deleted


I cannot reproduce your issue with double checkbox renderings though


which version are you on ?

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Had a look through the RTL's code: 

{ **************************************************************************** }
{ TW3CheckBox                                                                  }
{ **************************************************************************** }

procedure TW3CheckBox.InitializeObject;
  FLabel := TW3CheckBoxLabel.Create(Self);
  FMark := TW3CheckMark.Create(Self);

  FLabel.Font.Color := clBlack;
  FLabel.Caption := 'Checkbox';
  //FLabel.Container.OnClick := HandleLabelClick;
  FLabel.OnClick := HandleLabelClick;

  FMark := TW3CheckMark.Create(Self);


The FMark CheckMark object gets created twice, commenting out one of them removes the issue.

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