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virteq.com ???

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The moment I go into the forum. It pops up. Navigating through the forum it continues to pop up.


Using firefox. It even does it if I signout of the forum

no pop-ups if I log in using chrome.


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Just noticed IPB skin is virteq

And I have googled and found this. Not sure how it helps but keen to see the end of the popups - they are annoying. ;)

The site skin has:

  1. http://virteq.com/profile_picture.png

Buried all over the place as a branding of some sort.  Their site is whacked, now asking for authorization to access it, so when the URL is called, you get the authentication dialog.


You need to strip that out of all of the CSS to make the dialog disappear, or do a local DNS redirect to dead-end it someplace.


I removed the offending code.  Tested on Edge and do not see the popup anymore.

The code was a Javascript for embedding the skin creator's logo and name (for credit).

If anyone sees similar popups anywhere, please respond to this topic and I'll remove it.

I'll be looking through the code to see if I can find it anywhere else, but I only found one place in a global template, which I removed.


I'm guessing their site got compromised or they implemented some new authorization scheme that extended to all external references.

Any site using their skins (not just this site, nor just this skin of theirs) will be impacted by whatever they did.


Again, just to repeat, the skin was a verified one to use for this software.  There was no hacking of this site.

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Thanks Nico, I did try a search on virteq and got no hits.


I don't see a solution in that thread. I am unsure why it has recently started - I haven't had the pop previously

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As you see in the footer of the Forum, Virteq is simply the provider of the IPB Skin templated we used for the site.


We are looking into the issue, but the work requires a bit more job than first anticipated. We need to update the whole board to v4, as v3.x is no longer supported.

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Please downgrade to an earlier version template version. The current template == Mr. messy template.

Issues with notifications, hiding wysiwyg features when posting/editing, websites links, impossible to attach files as well.

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