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Igor Savkic

Gsap, JS animation

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I've recently came by gsap (https://greensock.com), it could interest other people so I'll just mention it briefly. It offfer much better/easier control of animation compared to css. It also seems that speed is comparable to css, there is a lot of documentation so it's not easy to start with it but I guess a day would be enough to get started.

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Yeah, easing tween functions is possible in SMS

This is a demo that demonstrate 41 filters LIVE PREVIEW

but don't ask me how?

I remember I had to update the system.animation.tween unit, I have added and fixed a bunch of filters and send to Jon. Unfortunately, no feedback. This is so frustating. I know he completely modified the unit now, but... you have to guess how to do simple things, there're no documentation, no kitchen sink. Hey, please take this constructively, don't take this negatively, I just want to point some things out: the lack of follow up in this forum.  What is it that regularly blows apart business development efforts and causes marketing to fail? The lack of follow up.


It is well-known that animation with GreenSock is becoming mainstream in the world of interface animating. It would be super nice to see an example smart UI part implemented with GSAP.

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