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Newbie questions ...

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What I know


Jon works on the RTL (Runtime Library). Says he is going to finish it. 


This morning the forum went down again. When i attempted to email support@smartmobilestudio.com it bounced back to me.......along with info@smartmobilestudio.com.


Not much longer after attempting to contact Jorn through Facebook, Forum, and email, the Forum came back up.


Most of the regulars on this forum have stood by this product, along with myself Hoping some new life comes from it. There are no more updates from any of the Team regarding new releases.....except for Jon who has been working extensively on the RTL. When he has an update, he usually updates his blog and/or facebook



Not sure why no one from the team uses the Forum anymore. I would much rather see this smartmobilestudio website's NEWS page and forum receive articles and updates, then social media.


Concerned and hoping there is still a product in the future


Not mentioning any names, but only two admins have logged in to this forum in the past 6 months....so not alot of participation from the SMS Team


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I wouldn't hold out much hope for getting a response from support - I emailed a while back for access to the new RTL but got no response. From what I can tell Facebook appears to be the favoured medium for communication, but Facebook is something I'd rather avoid. I've also tried the Quartex website but the sign-up emails never appear. 


I bought a licence in January on the basis of there being an imminent update (see Nov 3rd news item) so it was a bit of a surprise to read a recent blog post stating that the RTL is still in alpha! 

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From facebook today

"It's been a long wait, but we are working to get the next-gen RTL into your hands within the next 30 days. The node.js database driver is due after the update, giving you easy access to mongoDB, sqLite and Firebird.

The changelog for this update is now more than 15 A4 pages long - so this is without a doubt the biggest and most substancial update Smart Pascal has ever seen."

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Yes, please be patient. The reason why we are a bit inactive in the forums and the support mail is exactly as mentioned.

We hope for your understanding. The next update will be giant. Tons of bugs fixed and great new features added.

It will be out in a short while. We will also announce it here in the forums when the update is committed. ;)

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Not sure who you are or how you belong to the team, as I have never seen your name before.


Having said that,


there should have been periodic updates on this website / forum before anywhere else.....facebook, Jon's blog, etc.

Customers who pay money expect to be updated where they purchase their products. There has been no activity on this forum cept for a select few users in a very long time! Admins, team members, etc need to start becoming more involved in the forum and updates and articles on the website. Too many customers have left SMS and those that have stayed here are not getting what they are paying for (subscription renewals)


I for one love the product and I am holding on strong, but I know many people got sick of not getting their answers to questions and not getting updates they have paid for.



Aside from SMS, there are some of us who have paid for the book and it too has not been updated and we have not gotten what was promised



OK, I said my too bits - now ill wait patiently on the new update :)





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@ielite Thank you for your answer!

I am Dennis, team member and developer of SMS. You haven't heard alot about me because I have not been into this forum alot yet since I started working at SMS. The reason why I posted here was that I do not want you to feel left-alone, even though it's not my field of work here. ;)

I am sorry that you feel that way, and I can fully understand that people get annoyed. It is true that the situation we are in at the moment is not optimal. All I can say is that me and my team have worked on an update for quite some time and that it will be released in the second half of this year. Approximately in about 2 months.

I hope this satisfies you a bit, and again, I am really sorry for what you have experienced and I hope you haven't lost the trust in us, yet. Our team has gone through a little "crisis", that's all I can tell you. But for several months now we've solved the problems and are continuing our preparations for the upcoming update in high-speed and full precision.

The main focuse for the next update will be the RTL, but also the IDE will see numerous improvements and fixes.

Thank you for your understanding and I to restore the relation to those angry customers again. :)

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