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IDE open twice - error executing

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I tried looking for this topic as I am sure I am not the only who finds this frustrating. However, I couldn't find a thread.


If I have IDEs open, one with example code and one with my project. I can only seem to execute the code from one IDE. The other throws an error saying socket in use etc.


I tried looking in project options but I couldn't discover a work around.


Is it possible to execute multiple projects? If so how do we set it up?

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Try to change manually port in IDE Settings/Server. Most likely this setting is stored in some file or registry, you could detect which one with SysInternal file/registry interceptor. And finally start projects form some batch file where you first set server port and then open project.


I also from time to time work in several projects but I don't use IDE for testing, just compile and run in browser.

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