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My Wish list going forward!!!!

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Here is my wish list for future updates


1.) Less emphasis on new feature / code base and more emphasis on fixing issues and creating documentation and variety of examples on existing code base <br>


2.) TW3ListBox - Fix issues with touch vs scroll for mobile devices <br>


3.) Add Non-Game / Non-graphics examples - e.g. mobile device applications that are not games or graphics examples <br>


4.) Add support for mySQL / mongoDB databases on server side <br>


5.) Add working server/database examples with SMS client Applications connecting to SMS server applications <br>


6.) Examples of how to integrate SMS and phone gap for creating multi-platform applications <br>



How says you?<br>

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As a long time Delphi developer who has managed to avoid Javascript, HTML and CSS I found the learning curve for SMS steeper than expected.


If SMS is billed as similar to Delphi then that is a misconception. For example, I have found that CSS understanding is crucial to making a decent app. Also understanding how a web page builds up is also important, and I am not sure I still have a grasp of that.


The developers are obviously highly skilled and very talented but I believe they are over estimating the average user's ability to grasp concepts that are not explicitly explained.


I would love to see documentation/website/blogs be more coherent and available in a single place.


Finally, I would love to see a few thousand more users ;) Seriously, this is a brilliant product and I think it would be worth having a robust discussion as to why the take up hasn't been as good as it should be. I know I am only a user, and I have no vested financial interest in more users, but I intend to use SMS for some major development and a large user base means, more support, examples and greater likelihood of the product continuing to be developed/maintained.

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This Wish List is pretty much what I've also been wanting. In my previous work I created a Mobile Application with Smart Mobile Studio and Phonegap. It's being used by a few hundred thousand users. While doing it, I had to work around bugs and write own components, but I was able to get both iOS and Android apps from 100% same source code. And the app did support push notifications.


The big problem with development of Smart Mobile Studio has been lack of resources. All the main developers have only been able to work on SMS on their spare time. Starting this week, that changed. Jon is now working full time on SMS, so he can concentrate fully on Smart Mobile Studio and only Smart Mobile Studio. Also, I have joined the team and work side by side with him developing the new RTL.


So, when we look at this wish list:


1. Yes, we are going to make the RTL rock solid and to fix any bugs fast. This has not been the case so far, but when we release the next RTL, I don't want to see any long dry periods with little action.


2. I've developed some very nice mobile controls, which will be part of the next RTL. For example: A much better ListBox, ScrollBox and TabControl.


3. Writing examples and blogging will be an important part of our work once the new version has been released.


4/5. Jon has been working on database and NodeJS support. Our plan is to first concentrate on getting the next release out and then expanding more into these areas.


6. My plan is to write good tutorials about Phonegap later this year.


Once we'll get the next release ready, we'll start maintaining it and fixing bugs very, very fast. SMS has wonderful support for doing updates and we need to start taking full advantage of it.

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