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Kitchen Sink App

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There is no such kinda official kitchen sink app. I've been thinking I'm going to write my own SMS kitchen sink.


Another thing, that's not necessarily a bad thing using a Framework with Smart Mobile Studio. We have to consider that SMS has its strengths and limits. Some areas, SMS is so rudimentary that, in practice, that RTL alone does not provide a sufficient framework to development.


I've been thinking, the kitchen sink app will be build on top of Vue framework and GreenSock libraries, just for instance, when it comes to writing smart components, interesting components, such as reactive components, it seems everybody ends up writing a framework, it seems, likely waste a lot of time solving problems others have already solved, VueJS here is a good alternative. The UI part could be implemented on of TCustomComponent, both visual or non-visual components could be used with the GSAP lib or using CSS3.


Since the example will use the RAD approach, a new re-write the RTL is required to generate light file size. It seems there's just a bit too much work involved to meet even baseline expectations. A lightweight RTL infrainstructure is required, a maybe a TCustomComponent to create visual components and result in a decent small file size.


Since we can communicate SMS with native Delphi/FreePascal to consume autenticated SOA services from windows or linux and perform CRUD operations easely, I believe some minor chances are required to improve the mormotLib wrapper, a bit of work involved here since such lib uses some of smart native RTL units and I want to avoid it - no RTL dependencies please.

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Task_01: Reduce overhead


When we use SmartCL framework, the compiler will generate a big runtime overhead to create a single blank visual form application. So my attempt is try to reduce this overhead cleaning up some core RTL files to meet the baseline expectations.


Just to prove if this works, I've just created 4 forms, each one with a visual Button widget, and the final file size is lesser than 18K (17.333 bytes).




Task_02: Hardware-Accelerated Page Transitions

Huum, when I click on the buttons, nothing happens, this is OK.

Instead of buttons to navigate through the forms, we could use GPU Accelerated animation, is to hardware accelerate your page transitions and amazing native behavior. just swipe back or swipe right to see the best experience and simplicity.

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