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combining a Game Canvas and Form?

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I would like to have a canvas with all the benefits of a game canvas surrounded by HTML elements like, buttons, panels etc.


I making a strategy game which requires lots of buttons, information reports etc so using standard buttons, memo, panel etc would make much easier than remaking them for a canvas.


At the moment I am trying to use a paintbox as an option but it is less than ideal as it doesn't have the benefits afforded by TW3GameView etc. I miss things like the last frame time & frame rate.


Is it possible to combine a Game Canvas with a form? And if so how?


If paintbox is the best solution then what is the best way to ensure it is redrawn often? At the moment I use paintbox1.invalidate after it has finished drawing everything.

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There are many ways to do this. You could use a timer to update it, or create a recursive TW3Dispatch.requestAnimationFrame () loop.

You could also use more classical approaches, rendering to an off-screen bitmap and then attaching that to the background of any visual control. You can even do this "live" via the TW3BackgroundGraphicContext (SmartCL.Graphics.pas), which works great if you define a css-canvas as it's called.
You can fin more info on that here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3397334/use-canvas-as-a-css-background

The most friendly is obviously to use the Paintbox, which resolves to a <canvas> tag in the DOM, coupled with a requestAnimationFrame loop.

For demanding stuff, use a TThread background worker to deal with the graphics, and just ship the pre-rendered graphics back to the main application via postmessage() with a binary attachment.

You may also find the unit "SmartCL.Legacy.pas" interesting since that gives you TBitmap and TCanvas as close as we could to Delphi.

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