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SmartCL.Components MeasureText functions not working in chrome

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I have found the functions as listed don't work in chrome but do work as expected in the internal browser.


example code:


procedure Test.Resize();



writeln(ErrorLabel.MeasureTextSize(errorlabel.handle,'my test').tmWidth);

MyLabel.width := ErrorLabel.MeasureText(ErrorLabel.Caption).tmWidth ;



In chrome this outputs 0, and looks like this: https://puu.sh/xnKRo/df97c53ccb.png


but in SMS this will output 73 and display correctly (more or less): https://puu.sh/xnKPx/f596b44247.png


Please let me know if i'm doing something wrong!




Seems like further testing is needed, it works on chrome on my mobile.

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In general I would not use MeasureTextSize to set the width of a label. As a method it is pretty slow.


Before the new RTL is released, a quick and nice way to do this is to use a TW3CustomControl:




Lab.InnerText:='Whatever you want';

Lab.StyleClass:='TW3LabelText'; //Unless you have your own style


The trick is this: When you don't set the size yourself, the browser resizes it automatically.


In the new RTL you can simply set in Label.AutoSize:=True, but this same trick works there too.

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AFAIK desktop browsers always give a correct result using measuretext

However some mobile browsers reply with 0


status April 2017:

Android-Chrome, Android-Chrome-beta and Android-Chrome-dev do that,

Android-firefox is ok



The following workaround works in the current version of SMS ( :



    W := mObj.MeasureText(mObj.getFontInfo(self.handle),
    If W = 0 then
    // some mobile browsers report mObj.MeasureText as zero
    // so in that case use workaround
      W := JSMeasureText(Label.InnerHTML,16,0,'');

Function JSMeasureText(mText: String; mFontSize: Integer; mywidth: integer; mStyle: String) : Integer;
  S, S2 : String;
  W, H : Integer;
  S := mText;
  S2 := inttostr(mywidth);
function MyMeasureText(pText, pFontSize, pWidth, pStyle) {
    var lDiv = document.createElement('lDiv');


    lDiv.innerHTML = pText;

    if (pStyle != '') {
        lDiv.style = pStyle;
    lDiv.style.fontSize = "" + pFontSize + "px";
    lDiv.style.position = "absolute";
    lDiv.style.left = -2000;
    lDiv.style.top = -2000;
    lDiv.style.width = "" + pWidth + "px";
    lDiv.style.float = "none";

    var lResult = {
        width: lDiv.clientWidth,
        height: lDiv.getBoundingClientRect().bottom
//        height: lDiv.clientHeight

    lDiv = null;

    return lResult;

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