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Easiest way to enable scrolling on a Form nativly?

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Hi i was wondering if someone could explain the process of enabling scrolling on a form without mapping a TW3ScrollBox over the whole thing, and then mapping the components to ScrollBox.Contents?


If that's the easiest method that's fine, it's just a bit tedious rearranging the inheritance of a lot of my project if there is a better method available.


For example would i want to add a ScrollController property/object to the form and then expect that to be sufficient?

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you can do this


Have a form with a panel :


procedure TForm1.InitializeObject;
  {$I 'Form1:impl'}
  W3Panel1.Height := 2000;                   //force panel to exceed screen size
  self.handle.style.overflow := 'auto';

if you want to limit scrolling to vertical scrolling only, then use the 'overflow-y' property, like



You can use this on any element you want to enable scrolling for


  var Panel2 := TW3Panel.Create(W3Panel1);            
  Panel2.SetBounds(20,20, 100, 3000);                 // force new panel to exceed parent size
  W3Panel1.handle.style.overflow := 'auto';
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Thanks Nico, this is what i was using before, but have switched to using TW3ScrollBox as the chrome browser was giving me grief with pull-down-to-refresh on mobile. Something which i couldn't disable with the typical method of preventDefault because i was using that scrolling method.


The overflow method is very convenient but i guess it doesn't work out for my specific case so well.

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There is an old post on scrolling forms



This still works in the new alpha

(just change mChild: TW3Component to mchild: TW3TagContainer;)


It uses iScroll and you just have to add the ScrollForm unit to your project


May be of use to you

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