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New Alpha update

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57 minutes ago, jarto said:

Version is now available with SmartUpdate. It adds support for push notifications. I also made a post with details and sample code: https://forums.smartmobilestudio.com/topic/4524-creating-a-mobile-app-for-android-and-ios/?do=findComment&comment=22566



For those of you who don' know what push notifications are, here is a good explanation:



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After a long break, a new update is available:

- Added support for search paths
- Updated SynEdit
- Bug fixes
- ACE (TW3AceEditor) added to the Component Palette

- New units:
  - System.Collections
  - System.StorageDevice
- Marjor improvements to TW3Dataset, TW3DatasetFilter and WebSQL
- Bug fixes and improvements to TextParser
- Bug fixes to WebFonts support
- Moved TCriticalSection to System.Types
- Improvements to TW3ListBox and TW3CheckListBox:
  - Support for SelectedIndex and automatic change of style
    background for selected items
  - Support for MultiSelect
  - Possibility to override creation of TW3ListBoxItemData
    - Allows use of own classes and properties
    - Allows overriding SetSelected to control what styling
      changes should be made when items are selected

Bug fixes to many demos

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exciting to see the update.


smartcl.pas needs 

    // Implementation of storage-device "Browser:"


as SmartCL.StorageDevice.Browser, file doesn't exist

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14 hours ago, IElite said:

Thanks for the TW3ListBox and TW3CheckListBox changes!

How do you override the creation of the TW3ListBoxItemData ?  Specifically how to override the SetSelected?

I'll try to write an example today.

Edit: Actually, while doing it I found some bugs too. I will fix those too.

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New update available:

In this one I've fixed some bugs in TW3ListBox and TW3CheckListBox. @IElite Have a look at the TW3CheckListBox source to see how you can control the creation of TW3ListBoxItemData. I also added TW3ListBox.Selected[Index] so that you can easily toggle selected on/off for items.

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