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New Alpha update

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We are proud to announce an update to the Smart Mobile Studio Alpha-version. This update contains a lot of changes. We have been going through all the controls and rewritten most of them. We have also spent a lot of work on styles. This post is to help you get the update and to tell you about the biggest changes.

You can update by running SmartUpdate.exe. After that go to the Themes- folder and remove these themes: Android-Holo.css, Android-HoloDark.css, Android-HoloLight.css, iOS7.css, Smart-Blue.css, Smart-Purple.css and Winphone8.css. Those are all old themes, that are not updated any more.

Edit: Also remove file RTL\SmartCL.Controls.ListView.pas

The new updated and maintained themes are:

  • default.css
  • Android.css
  • iOS.css

When it comes to styles, a control's style is now split up into a border style, background style and control's own style. In general, you don't define a background or border any more in control's own style. Instead, you can assign any of the pre-defined borders or backgrounds to your control. For example, in TW3EditBox:

  ThemeBorder := btEditBorder;
  ThemeBackground := bsEditBackground;

One of the biggest changes involves borders and margins and how controls are rendered. Smart Mobile Studio will now automatically calculate and adjust controls so, that margins and paddings are respected.

  • If a control has margins, SMS will make sure that it still fits inside its box, reducing its size, if needed.
  • ClientRect, ClientWidth and ClientHeight return the usable client area inside the control. If the control has padding, those values automatically reflect them and are smaller. So a 100px wide control with 10px padding and 1px border will return ClientHeight as 78.
  • A control is automatically moved so that it does not overlap padding. So the top left corner of the client area is Left: 0 and Top: 0.
  • Width and Height give the control's outer size.
  • ClientWidth and ClientHeight give the controls inner size.

For a longer description and motives, please read For a long description, please refer to http://forums.smartmobilestudio.com/topic/4423-smart-299-alpha-is-here/?do=findComment&comment=22250

When it comes to scrolling, this version of Smart Mobile Studio lets you use native scrolling also on mobile devices. You can switch it on on any control by setting NativeScrolling := True; We've also introduced a new control: TW3NativeScrollBox. Smart Mobile Studio also has the same scroll controls as in the previous Alpha version, and these have been improved even more.

Please note that when you use Native Scrolling, the browser decides how everything is done. There are pros and cons: http://forums.smartmobilestudio.com/topic/4243-scrolling/?do=findComment&comment=22220


Then we have also introduced support for font-awesome and webfonts as well as Flexbox. Jon will write more about these as well as about the styling changes.

When you start using this version, you may hit some issues, that are simple to work around:

  • Your project or some test projects may use an older theme, that has been deleted. Fix by going to Project Options, Linker and choose another theme.
  • Application.ShowDialog uses a bit different calling style. You give the return procedure as an argument. If you can't find Application.ShowDialog, add SmartCL.Dialogs to the uses clause.

Known bugs:

  • TW3BitBtn is broken
  • Some of the older demos do not work
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doesn't appear to be defined in any unit (SmartCL.Controls.ListView;). 


Cannot compile spartacus.


Looking for example of how to use dialog as 

    procedure ProcessDialogResult(Sender: TObject; aResult: TW3AlertResult);


no longer works

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14 hours ago, IElite said:

1) and just now, 4:00 pm EST, I got a recurring charge from gumRoad

2) and I just got a new license issued from SMS - and it doesn't mach my old license

3) what the heck is going on?

4) Do i use this new license?



1) Yes. Gumroad was late with this renewal.

2) Yes, you receive a new key each year. (The key says that you can use Smart forever, but only the versions build before the expiry date. Edu keys and trial keys don't let you use smart forever).

3) Ordinary "workflow" ;-)  ... but it looked strange since your old key expired on 11/11.

4) Yes. As you already figured.



We don't have any particular plan to update this license key regime in the near future - even if we have loads of ideas on how this can be improved. We'll need to focus on a few other essential issues first. But once we add support for in-app purchasing of third party components, and themes, and you-name-it, it will be necessary to review the authentication model, and move on to an IDE login or something similar.

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New update available:


- Fix scrollbar bug in embedded Chrome browser.
- TW3EditBox and TW3Memo
  - Added AutoComplete, SpellCheck, AutoCapitalize and AutoCorrect
  - Allow scrolling of memo contents
  - Fix bugs related to setfocus
- Update RequireJS to v2.0
- Changes to how EventManager passes or prevents touch events.
- Optimizations and bug fixes to
  - System.Dataset
  - System.Text.Parser
  - TStringHelper
- Small fix to the Label caption to let designer set empty caption.

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We just noticed, that if someone downloaded the original alpha.zip and tried to update that with SmartUpdate, some old files caused errors during IDE startup. So the alpha.zip on our home page is now updated to the latest version.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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