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Button Down Event don't fire even when PointerEventsWhileDown is true

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// on click only works when not button.down

procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  writeln('entered W3Button1Click');
  tw3button(sender).down := not tw3button(sender).down;


procedure TForm1.InitializeForm;
  // this is a good place to initialize components

 // visually button responds when down but even don't fire
  w3button1.PointerEventsWhileDown := true;


You can see button is set to down. You can see button respond to mouse but the click event does not fire.

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TW3Button is not a toggle-button. It simply implements "Down" for futher use by decendants. You can also manually handle the DownState, but "TButton" was never a togglebutton. The reason I introduced this here was to simplify button code throughout the API. Instead of having 4 different implementation of "down" we now have 1.

TW3ToolbarButton implements the toggle you are looking for, or you can just inherit and derive one yourself.

But good idea for a new feature! Ill write it down and see if we can sneak the feature in later :)

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