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Overriding TW3ListBoxItemData style

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@lennart, @jarto

Testing the latest update, I am trying to override the TW3ListBoxItemData's "RemoveSelectedStyle" and "SetSelectedStyle" methods.

However,  I can't seem to get the StyleClass property to work. However, I can do color changes at runtime.


procedure TXListBoxItemData.RemoveSelectedStyle;
  //TXListBoxItem(ItemObject).StyleClass:= 'XListBoxItemStyle';  //does not work
  //TXListBoxItem(ItemObject).Label.StyleClass:= 'XListBoxItemStyle'; //does not work

  TXListBoxItem(ItemObject).Label.Color:= clWhite;  //works
  TXListBoxItem(ItemObject).Label.Font.Color:= clBlack; //works

procedure TXListBoxItemData.SetSelectedStyle;
  //TXListBoxItem(ItemObject).StyleClass:= 'XListBoxItemSelectedStyle';  //does not work
  //TXListBoxItem(ItemObject).Label.StyleClass:= 'XListBoxItemSelectedStyle';  //does not work

TXListBoxItem(ItemObject).Label.Color:= clBlack;  //works
  TXListBoxItem(ItemObject).Label.Font.Color:= clWhite; //works


It seems that the StyleClass will not happen instaneously.  Is there a method that has to be called after setting StyleClass to get it to refresh immediately? When I select an item, I do not see the Style change until I select another item, then the previous item I selected, changes

Download from Github


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