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TCP connection.

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Ok I have it working with a WebSocket server in Lazarus.... sort of.  If I run it through SMS it works great.  If I launch the Edge Browser it has a socket error and socket closed message....  

I am sure it is something I don't understand about Javascript in general.  What do I need to make it work in the browser?


Note: It does work if I run it though PhoneGap on my iPhone.  I am assuming the PhoneGap server has something to do with it?

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Depends on what you are talking about: web html5 or node.js?
Node (server) can create just about anything, but websocket is the best solution in my view.
So from the browsers perspective: yes, websocket is the only bi-directional communication that is allowed.

Websocket also works well as a general tech. It is low latency, handles caching elegantly and nice - and with socket.io you can register keywords and essentially build a protocol very quickly. We had a case where a server written in Delphi using Indy with raw TCP connections actually went down and was unstable over a 3G based network.
I introduced a small and efficient WebSocket node.js server for them and the server went from handling 30-50 activities a second to a steady 500.
Using a normal node.js cluster like PM2 you can easily handle high volume. NetFlix is written in pure node.js for example, and the push some terabyte a second around the globe :)

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