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  What is the plan for XP?  There is already a lot of chatter about supporting the Mac but what has not been said is there is a reason us Mac users want XP.   All but the top end Mac laptops use dual core processors and any Windows OS past XP make running a VM almost unusable.  Since Vista Windows really must have multiple cores to deal with the background updates and other things.  The dual core Macs come to a completely halt when Windows needs 2 real processors to stay responsive.  

  I am assuming you have upgraded to the latest version of Delphi since they have dropped XP support in their product....

  If you not planning on supporting it you should take it off the list of supported platforms on the webpage.



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We were not aware that this was the case. I used Smart with XP less than 2 years ago without problems.
We have not moved up on our Delphi version (although we are planning to do that), so this must be one of Microsofts magical patches that changes library interfaces to force people away from XP. Not sure what I can say, I will look into it ofcourse, but a strange case indeed!

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