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Edit/Memo Copy Paste fails in Firefox

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Just a general query I can't copy and paste into or out of TW3Editbox or Memos using firefox, however no problem Chrome and Edge. This is on two machines.

I have just installed clean version of FireFox and this time a 64bit version (instead of 32bit) and same issue.

Can anyone verify or explain?

Here is an example page for quick test


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there are numerous entries on the web on this problem. Seems to be a firefox idiosyncracy

most of these web entries fall in 2 categories :

  • enable a setting in FF through 'about:config'
  • manipulate the contenteditable attribute

The first doesn't work for me, I've tried a couple of settings mentioned, but no joy

The second works a bit better, not sure if it fully solves your problem though. See also https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/creating-an-edit-box-in-smart-pascal/

After setting the 'contenteditable' attribute to true on the second box, I can select all text in the first box through Ctrl-A (select all), or alternatively part of it with mouse, then Ctrl-C (copy). On the second box, executing Ctrl-V (paste), or right-clicking and pasting, now works as expected.


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