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Web Workers calling javascript

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So, we all know that a Web Worker is an additional piece of javaScript running in the background independent of the main javascript

Smart Mobile Studio is suppose to be replacing javascript with smart pascal right?

"It’s key feature is that it completely replaces javascript with object pascal."

So, shouldn't there be a solution without having to call secondary javaScript?

e.g. instead of calling

FWorker := TWebWorker.Create('worker.js');

shouldn't we be able to just create it

FWorker := TWebWorker.Create;

then override an execute method ? like in Object Pascal ?

here in the execute method should be everything that is in the worker.js (i.e. smart pascal and NOT javascript)

Lately, it seems I am writing lots of javaScript code and it seems to me that SMS should be trying to get away from such a thing.

I do not know how your team can accomplish this, but since you already are translating javascript to smart pascal from js packages/libraries, I image you can thing of a way :)


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That secondary js that you call is not any hand crafted js. At the moment you can already write it as a separate Smart Mobile Studio WebWorker project.

What I think you are asking here, is to be able to write the code in a normal class or unit, which the compiler would then compile as a WebWorker to a separate js file?

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