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It took me a while to get my head around the concept of webhooks. These have been around for 10 years or more but there is almost no to-the-point info or 'webhook-for-dummies' article on the web available.

Webhooks are basically a notification system between disparate systems or servers, where the notifications are based on Http (XmlHttpRequests), so no messaging protocols or middleware software necessary. 

Like this :



  • In this example there is a service which exposes changes in stock-prices.
  • This service also has an api which allows applications to subscribe to this service (1).
  • Subscription involves providing the url of the application-server.
  • When a stock-price change event occurs, the service POST's a HttpRequest to¬†the url of the server¬†with a payload of the new price (2a)
  • The server responds with a simple OK (2b)¬†and initiates an action towards the client.
  • This action can be maybe sending an email, or just sending a socket-message to the client (3)
  • which allows the client to¬†update its db or user-interface


Setting this up in SMS takes a bit of effort as the servers need to have publicly accessible urls. Meaning nodejs servers have to be hosted somewhere (Heroku, Google Cloud).

Doable I think.


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