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It's been a while since I posted (parts of) a framework for visual projects (under the tag 'shoestring' or 'native')

The aim was to code as close to the metal (browser) as possible. It has been fun developing it.

The last and final version (with latest addition : grid column resize option) 

Sources etc. freely available at

  • documentation of framework and demo's : www.lynkfs.com/native/SmartNativeFramework.pdf
  • source code : www.lynkfs.com/native/index.sproj
  • additional asset directories (mostly for included demos) : www.lynkfs.com/native/www/assets , .../images and .../pics
  • also the handwritten digits trainingset for the included neural network : www.lynkfs.com/native/www/mnist.1000 and www.lynkfs.com/native/www/filereader.js

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I suppose this was bound to happen.

Not sure if I should object to this or not, after all I put source code in the public domain

Meant though for Smart users only.

Could we have a secure place somewhere which we can use to share code for the Smart community only ?


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as an aside A DBGrid component has been added to the native/shoestring framework.

This component features sizeable columns where columns are also autosized on content. 

Works on any DB / server as long as it returns a json-structure in the format of a 'rows' object as an array of arbitrary field/value pairs

"Common name":"Clown Triggerfish",
"Species name":"Ballistoides conspicillum",
"Note":"Also known as the big spotted triggerfish..."},



usage example :

      DBGrid1.Query    := #'
           Species_No   as "ID",
           Category     as "Category",
           Common_Name  as "Common name",
           Species_Name as "Species name",
           Notes        as "Note"
        from FishFacts';
      DBGrid1.RowHeight := 40;           //optional, default = 14
      DBGrid1.ColumnWidths[5] := 300;    //optional, overrides auto sizing for 5th column



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