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This has happened since day 1, somewhere in 2013, so it has occurred a lot.

Every time it happens I heave a mental *sigh* and then move on.

I'm sure it has something to do with my setup (Win10 on MacOs via Boot Camp), although none of the other programs on this platform have this behaviour - SMS only.

A comparison with Paulo's setup or video ☺️ might shed some light if there are more people effected.

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Ahha, got it reproduced:

  • Start scrolling from the scroll bar
  • While scrolling, move your mouse on top of the code window

Edit: Nope, wasn't that easy.

How about this:

  • Start IDE
  • New Project
  • Execute (no need to save)
  • Scroll the html source code window -> Selection bug happens
  • After this scrolling of the source code window also has the same bug

Can you guys confirm?

Edit3: Hmm, seems like it can be reproduced even without going to the html source tab.

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